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Yes! We are in the market for the following classes/roles for raiding:


DPS with good OS heals. ie: we are looking for people who can comfortably heal mythic+ but are better at and prefer to dps. We are most keen in ranged dps with OS heals but we will consider all good applicants. (up to 3 spots)

1 Healer (any class)

Ranged dps, any but preference for clothies. (up to 3 spots)

If your class/role/spec is not listed above but would still like to join the fun and mayhem then please fill out an application or pm Lizele, Shalori or Dualhazard online if you happen to be on Dath'Remar/Khazgoroth. We are open to all good raiders but  most importantly, to players who are fun/relaxed who will fit in with our guild community as we don't just raid.


We are also looking for PvPers - so again please talk to an officer in game or post an application if you are keen to join us for PvP.

Currently after: All classes and roles

Heroic Xavius - DH POV

hybridhazard a posted Oct 26, 16

Lizele a Mell dying is always disappointing!
hybridhazard a haha that disappointed voice by liz at 6:03! lol #weredoomed #fml

Lizele a Such good vids Dual!

Lizele a what's so scary about that???!!
hybridhazard a lol
vague that's just scary man